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Modern Haircuts for Women in Baton Rouge

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Modern Haircuts for Women in Baton Rouge

Beauty / December 30, 2015 / No Comment

The right haircut can make all the difference in your appearance. If you are having trouble styling your hair, it may be because of the way your hair is cut. The perfect haircut for you takes into consideration your hair’s length, condition, thickness, and texture. Telling your stylist about your morning routine and frequency of washing and styling can help them select the correct haircut for you.

Discussing your future hair goals with your stylist can give provide more insight on what cut is best for your hair. Studio Gabriella specializes in haircuts for women in Baton Rouge.

Our stylists have completed the required coursework to learn the basic haircuts for women. Over the years, they have infused their own creative flair into these cuts to offer you a women’s haircut in Baton Rouge that is uniquely yours. The classic haircuts Studio Gabriella offers are the blunt cut, layered cut, traditional bob, shag, and pixie cut. Our Baton Rouge hairstylists can execute these women’s haircuts skillfully or adapt any one to make it more modern and fresh.

womens haircuts in baton rouge

The Shag Cut

If you have fine hair but don’t want to sacrifice length, opt for the modern shag. This will give you the volume you desire and allow your hair to move more freely. The modern shag features more pronounced layers than the typical layered cut, but does not look dated in any way.

The Pixie Cut

If you are a low-maintenance lady and like a consistent style, choose the pixie cut at Studio Gabriella. The pixie cut is great for Baton Rouge women who have great existing texture and don’t want to fuss with their hair much.

The Layered Cut

The layered cut is sported by many women today. This haircut can be done on hair of any length. The layered haircut brings open movement and dimension to many different styles. This cut is ideal for women with straight or curly hair, as it accentuates many hair colors and textures. The layered women’s haircut is one of the most adaptable haircuts since the length of layers can be adjusted to highlight individual features and create purposeful face-framing. Book and appointment today with Studio Gabriella Baton Rouge hair salon.

The Blunt Cut

The blunt cut is a uniform cut with no layers. This women’s cut can add polish and create the illusion of thicker hair. The blunt cut is a great haircut for women in Baton Rouge who are seeking a chin-length or shoulder-length sophisticated hairstyle. The blunt cut is simple, yet dramatic.

The Bob Cut

The bob is also a popular haircut for women in Baton Rouge. The bob is ultra-versatile and can highlight strong jawlines and cheekbones. Studio Gabriella stylists can cut a bob for you in a length that works best for your features. Bobs can be cut in one overall blunt length, using layers, or boosting volume with an asymmetrical outline. Several celebrities have recently shed their long locks in favor of the bob.

Your New Haircut

Stop into Studio Gabriella today to discuss your haircut options or book your haircut appointment online. Whether you are leaning towards the bob, pixie cut, layered cut, shag, or blunt cut, we can guide you in the right direction. We love experimenting with our creativity and creating personalized haircuts for women in Baton Rouge!

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