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Studio Gabriella Brings Quality Hair Extensions to Baton Rouge

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quality hair extensions in baton rouge

Studio Gabriella Brings Quality Hair Extensions to Baton Rouge

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History of Hair Extensions

Women have been enhancing the appearance of their hair through the use of hair extensions for many centuries. The first records of women using hair extension were the Egyptians in 3400 B.C. Cleopatra herself was known for using hair extensions, often using ones in beautiful blue tones. In Europe, hairpieces were used to denote social status. Hair extensions have developed further throughout the past centuries and decades to become what we know them as today.

Hair Extensions in Baton Rouge

Gabriella McKellar is proud to bring her knowledge of hair to Baton Rouge with the opening of Studio Gabriella. For women looking for hair extensions in Baton Rouge, Studio Gabriella hair salon should be the first stop. In addition to years of experience in the hair industry, Gabriella has a keen eye for color matching and blending extensions to make them undetectable. Hair extensions should look natural and move freely. With tape-in hair extensions, adhesion points lay flat against the scalp to maximize comfort and make the attachment unnoticeable.

colored hair extensions in baton rouge louisiana

Hair extensions come in endless colors, lengths, and textures to match your existing strands or create a whole new look. Studio Gabriella offers hair extensions in Baton Rouge for women looking to increase length, volume, or add more color dimension. With hair extensions, you can try out popular hair coloring techniques like lightened ends or ombre styles without committing to changing your current hair color.

Get Playful with Colored Hair Extensions

Studio Gabriella also offers colored hair extensions in Baton Rouge. For special holidays or just a break from tradition, many women opt to have pastel or brightly colored extension pieces placed in. Because tape-in extensions are virtually damage-free, it is easy to change colors frequently.


Hair Extensions Increase Volume

Hair extensions can also offer increased thickness and volume beyond the fullness that hair products can provide. Some clients come to Studio Gabriella with complaints of limp, thin hair. This problem can easily be solved by tape-in hair extensions. The solution is to attach in extensions that are the same length as the client’s natural hair.

colored hair extensions in baton rouge louisiana

Natural and Undetectable

Tape-in hair extensions make it easy to style your hair in many ways. Because the adhesive pieces are flexible, they have the ability to move with your hair. This allows you to style your hair up, down, and anywhere in between. In addition, we use premium brand hair extensions made from 100% human hair. This ensures that our clients receive hair that looks natural and is easy to straighten, curl, and wash.

If you have any more questions about hair extensions, contact Studio Gabriella. Every stylist at Studio Gabriella offers free consultations to anyone interested in enhancing their appearance with hair extensions. If you are searching for fuller, thicker hair, let the Studio Gabriella stylists in Baton Rouge show you the solution!

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