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Cut and Color at Studio Gabriella

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Cut and Color at Studio Gabriella

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When it comes to cuts and colors in Baton Rouge, Studio Gabriella is leading the way, leaving the competitors in the dust. Studio Gabriella is fully staffed with experienced and knowledgeable stylists that deliver what they promise and aim to exceed client expectations with the best results. Each client receives a personalized color formula that is unique and created by the stylist who pays specific attention to that client’s hair type. When you book an appointment at Studio Gabriella for a cut and color, your journey will begin with a free consultation where your stylist will talk with you about your hair type and what look you are trying to achieve, as well as a brief, yet thorough history of your hair. Studio Gabriella’s stylists are great communicators and ensure that nothing is lost in the translation. Your consultation will let your stylist know which type of product will deliver the best results on your hair and approximately how much of your day you will be spending at the salon. Your stylist will determine if your best look will be achieved by Redkin brand color, Wella brand color, or a developer and bleach combination. Your stylist will keep your unique color formula in your own personal salon file to ensure quality results with every cut and color you book with Studio Gabriella. Studio Gabriella also specializes in fixing hair color mistakes made at home or at an experience at another salon. Our stylist will be able to meet with you and discuss what needs to be fixed and what measures can be taken to get you and your hair there. Our stylists aim for the best results they can achieve with the care and condition of your hair first and foremost in their minds. The stylists will communicate with you about what can be done without sacrificing the quality of your hair.  When you come to Studio Gabriella for your cut and color service or to fix a color mishap, you will be in great, experienced hands with the knowledge of what is best for your hair.

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Another great service offered at Studio Gabriella is tape-in extensions. Our experienced stylist has worked with numerous people, including celebrities, to provide them with the volume and length that tape-in extensions provide. The most important factor to the stylist is the health and quality of the client’s hair. This being said, Studio Gabriella only uses medical grade tape that will not damage the existing hair or the scalp. Studio Gabriella’s tape-in extensions are the prettiest and healthiest option when it comes to hair extensions. However, if you choose to not use Studio Gabriella’s 100% human hair extensions, our stylist welcomes any hair extension type that she has experience with. This can also be discussed at your consultation appointment. Studio Gabriella can also color your hair extensions if this is something you wish to do, just be sure to mention this at your consultation appointment. Hair extensions leave you with more full, more voluminous , beautiful hair and Studio Gabriella guarantees it.
The stylists at Studio Gabriella communicate with you before, during, and after your visit and provide you with the best results possible. If you are ready to update your look, but aren’t sure where to start, check out Studio Gabriella’s Services Page (another link) to decide what may be best for you! When you are ready, book your appointment online here (another link to the appointments page) or call the salon at 225-283-3003! Studio Gabriella looks forward to providing you with a pampering experience.

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