EVO Products

Evo offers four different shampoo and conditioner pairs, each one targeting your hair’s specific needs. Evo’s shampoos and conditioners also have matching product lines, including two lines designed specifically to target curly and straight hair, in order to achieve salon styled hair at home, giving you the look you deserve after every wash. All of Evo’s products are sulfate, paraben, DEA, TEA, and propylene glycol free as well as earth and society friendly. Damaged Evo stock is donated to homeless shelters and all packaging is 100% recyclable. Evo is never tested on animals and the use of natural ingredients is top priority.

Evo’s products work in a “5 Step” process. The first step is cleansing, and though Evo shampoos are low foaming and gentle, shampooing provides the perfect workspace for creating show-stopping style. The second step is conditioning, which finishes up the work started by the shampoo. Conditioning seals the cuticle locking in moisture, strength, and shine, while simultaneously locking out humidity. The third step is to treat with masks and serums, giving your hair the extra boost it may need. The fourth step is style, what all the shampooing, conditioning, and treating has been preparing your hair for. Evo’s products can be mixed and matched to suit your hair type and preference. The fifth and final step is finishing. This holds your style in place ensuring all day hold and shine.


CALM…The Therapist Calming Shampoo, Conditioner, and Product Line

Calming Shampoo

Evo’s Calming shampoo was created for hair that is color-treated, dry, frizzy, and/or lacking shine.  This shampoo moisturizes while it cleanses, improving the hair’s hydration resulting in more manageable hair.

Calming Conditioner

Evo’s Calming conditioner is the perfect compliment to the Calming shampoo. It restores moisture, re-hydrates and repairs to help smooth hair for more manageable styling.

The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask

This hydrating hair mask is perfect for once a week applications. The mask deeply penetrates the hair shaft to restore moisture and smooth the follicle leaving you with soft, shiny, and frizz free hair.


CARE…Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo, Conditioner, and Product Line

Care Shampoo

Evo’s Care shampoo is a treatment shampoo that gently cleanses while repairing damage. This ultimately leads to helping protect the hair as well as any color. The hair texture is regained while strands are strengthened and moisturized leaving hair looking healthy and shiny. This shampoo is ideal for hair that is color-treated, brittle, weak, and dull.

Care Conditioner

Evo’s Care conditioner is the next step in the Care reparative process. Unlike regular conditioners, this conditioner is formulated to be richer, delivering intense moisture and repair straight to the core of the hair follicle. This leaves hair smoother, protected, shiny, and strengthened.

Mane Attention Protein Treatment

This protein-packed hair mask restores the protein weak and brittle hair is missing. Once the protein is restored, the hair shaft becomes smoother and sealed, resulting in smooth, shiny, and healthier hair.

Happy Campers Leave-In Moisturizer

This special leave-in moisturizer compliments the protein hair mask. While protein is essential for healthy hair, so is managing its moisture.  This product works to balance the moisture in the hair strand while providing protection from the sun’s UV rays. This results in softer, smoother hair that is protected from the sun and its color-fading capabilities.


VOLUME…Gluttony Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Product Line

 Gluttony Volume Shampoo

Evo’s volume shampoo is the best option for those who’s hair is fine and limp, but is also a great shampoo for anyone needing a little boost of body. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair while utilizing proteins and film formers to work with the hair strand to create body and texture. The result is hair with bouncing body and texture that is irresistible!

Bride of Gluttony Volume Conditioner

Evo’s volume conditioner is the next step in the process of giving your hair all the volume it can get. While this conditioner deeply conditions the hair, it is weight-free and volumizing. It opens up the hair follicle producing visibly thicker and shinier strands.

Day of Grace Leave-In Conditioner

This lightweight leave-in conditioner is perfect for those who need a little extra moisture without losing volume. It preps the hair for styling giving it natural movement, texture, and bounce.

Root Canal Volumising Spray

Do your roots seem to be impossibly flat? Then this is your answer! This root lifting spray keeps your hair from lying flat by building body and texture where you need it the most. Its spray bottle design allows you to control how much lift and volume as well as where. Say goodbye to flat hair forever!

Shape Vixen Volumising Lotion

This volumizing lotion is perfect for those who need just a little more hold with their volume. This seemingly magic lotion gives volume and lasting style support that will hold throughout the day, leaving you looking just as good as you did at 9am at 5pm.


CURL…Curly Hair Product Line

 End Doctor Smoothing Sealant

Although this line is marketed towards those with curls, this product is great for every hair type. This strand sealant strengthens and seals the hair’s cuticle while binding any split ends. This gives the hair a smoother, softer, more polished look.

Liquid Rollers Curl Balm

This curl balm is formulated specifically for those with wavy to curly hair. The structure of waves and curls makes this hair type especially susceptible to the humidity, resulting in frizz. This curl balm works as a styling balm that moisturizes, holds together the curls and waves, and keeps the shaft from frizzing when exposed to the moisture in the air. The results are shiny, frizz-free curls that last.

Whip It Good Styling Mousse

This styling mousse helps tame unruly curly or wavy hair that needs definition, shine, and/or bounce. This whipped mousse conditions, shapes, controls, and defines curls and waves, resulting in softer hair with improved manageability.


STRAIGHT…Straightening Product Line

Easy Tiger Straightening Balm

This straightening balm is great for all types of hair, but the most visible results occur with thick and course hair. This product styles while imparting shine and taming curls, waves, and flyaways. It also provides a deep and weighted condition that keeps hair straight and in line.

Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper

This heat protectant thermal spray protects hair from the heat of styling tools all while sealing the hair against the moisture in the air. This product keeps hair smooth, straight, and helps it stay straight. While this product is perfect for all hair types, it will show the most improvement in thick, coarse, unruly hair.

Love Perpetua Shine Drops

These shine drops are specially formulated for coarse and thick hair. This glossing liquid makes hair humidity resistant, shiny, and polished by sealing the hair cuticle smooth.

Love Touch Shine Spray

This shine spray gives hair an irresistible shine. Formulated for thick and coarse hair, it can also be used for any hair type to provide a weightless shine that protects the hair from the moisture in the air.


STYLE…Normal Persons Shampoo, Conditioner, and Product Line

Normal Persons Daily Shampoo

Evo’s Normal Persons daily shampoo is perfect for all hair types, from normal to oily. With its deep cleansing lather, this shampoo removes any product build up leaving a clean and healthy scalp.  After washing with Normal Persons daily shampoo your hair will have a fresh start, ready to be styled once again.

Normal Persons Daily Conditioner

Evo’s Normal Persons daily conditioner is the compliment to the Normal Persons daily shampoo. With ingredients that stimulate the scalp and prevent the formation of excess oils, this lightweight conditioner delivers a healthy oil-free hair and scalp. This makes this conditioner perfect for normal to oily hair.

Water Killer Dry Shampoo

Dirty hair with no time for washing, drying, and re-styling? Then this product is your life (and time) saver! This dry shampoo is also a style spray that absorbs oils and refreshes the hair. Unlike other dry shampoos, Water Killer leaves hair feeling soft and clean instead of dry and dirty. This makes it the perfect product for any hair type.

Casual Act Molding Paste

This molding paste works wonders on fine hair, but also works well with all hair types. This product is designed to give a light hold to your style with a matte finish. This product would be great for pixie cuts or men’s styles to achieve the texture you need.

Crop Strutters Construction Cream

This construction cream delivers a medium hold with a low shine that supplies support and separation giving unbelievable texture.  This construction cream works well on all hair types and gives a malleable hold to any style.

Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray

Looking to achieve a salon blow out at home? This product will help you do just that. This spray will protect from heat styling damage while adding volume and texture. This blowout spray works best with long, layered hair, but can be used on any hair type.

Salty Dog Salt Spray

This Salty Dog spray gives any hair type the “beachy waves” look. While providing a soft, malleable hold, this salt spray gives the texture, matt finish, and volume that a day at the beach provides.

Haze Styling Powder

This styling powder adds volume and texture to fine and limp hair. The result is hair with added body, texture, and a matte finish giving your hair a polished look.

Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax

This dry spray wax gives all hair types and lengths touchable texture and separation with a satin finish. The super-fine mist creates workable style into limp and lifeless hair.

Cassius Styling Clay

This styling clay is strong enough to persuade even the thickest and coarsest hair to do what you want. This clay provides a strong hold with impeccable texture and a matte finish. Perfect for even the most stubborn of hair.

Box o’ Bollox Texture Paste

If the strongest hold with a matte finish is what you’re looking for, the Box o’ Bollox Texture Paste is what you’re looking for. Perfect for short and textured styles, this texture paste gives a dry texture with bulk and an ultra-strong hold.

Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin

This bonding resin gives you strong control and hold until your next wash. It reinforces your shape and style all day long while providing just enough shine to your style.

Builder’s Paradise Working Hairspray

Get rid of your old hairspray, because you aren’t going to go back after experiencing this beauty! This hairspray dries quickly, but gives a medium hold that is workable. It is perfect for adding texture or working styles. It provides an invisible finish that easily brushes out or can be washed out completely.

Helmut Light Strong Hairspray

If a stronger hairspray is your go-to, try the Helmut Light Strong Hold Hairspray. What sets this strong hold hairspray apart from the rest is its ability to be easily brushed out. It delivers workable texture without leaving any residue behind.

Helmut Original Extra Strong Lacquer

This hairspray provides the strongest hold of all. This extreme hold hairspray provides maximum control with an unparalleled shine. Even though this spray gives extreme style control, it still brushes out easily and washes out with our Normal Persons daily shampoo.