Keratin Smoothing Treatment | Hair Salon Baton Rouge, LA

Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Is your hair curly, frizzy, unruly, wavy, damaged, unmanageable, or all of the above? Then the Coppola Keratin Treatment is the miracle you have been waiting for. The Coppola Keratin Treatment is a thermal straightening process that lasts 3-6 months and reduces curl, wave, and frizziness and makes the hair more manageable and easier to work with. Have you ever dreamed of just washing your hair and going about your day? Now you can because with this Keratin Thermal Straightening Treatment, your hair is no longer your enemy, but your best friend. This particular straightening treatment cuts blow dry time in half! It’s a curly girl -or guy’s- dream come true.

Baton Rouge Hair Salon Experience

As you walk into Studio Gabriella, you are warmly greeted by our front desk and offered your choice of beverage while you are directed to your stylist’s station. Next, your stylist will talk with you about the exact results you are looking to achieve and discuss what can be done to get you there. Studio Gabriella offers two different keratin treatment options. We carry both Coppola Keratin Treatment brand which comes in the Express Blowout and the full treatment, as well as the Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment, which repairs extremely damaged hair and may extend your Coppola Keratin Treatments. The Coppola Keratin Treatment option takes around three to three and a half hours and the Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment takes around thirty minutes. After you and your stylist have figured out a plan of action, your stylist will take you back to our shampoo room and depending on your choice, apply Coppola’s Keratin Clarifying Shampoo to prepare your hair for the keratin or the Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment steps one and two.

Coppola Keratin Treatment

If you have chosen to go with the Coppola Keratin Treatment, then once your hair is cleansed, your stylist will take you back to your station and being to apply the Coppola Keratin Treatment Solution or Express Blowout Solution. After your hair has been completely saturated with the Coppola Keratin Treatment Solution, your stylist will blow dry your hair straight using her Rusk hair dryer. Once the hair is completely dry, your stylist will begin to straighten your hair in 1/2 inch sections. After your hair is completely straight, you will not be able to wash your hair for 72 hours. It is advised to not get your hair wet, to avoid creasing it with pins, tucking it behind the ears, or wearing it in a ponytail. All of these actions may lead to the treatment not working or the hair being creased. Once the 72 hours have passed, you may shampoo and condition normally. Using a shampoo and conditioner that is free of sulfates and silicons will prolong the life of your Coppola Keratin Treatment and our Evo line is perfect for this.

Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment

If you have chosen to go with the Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment, after your hair has been cleansed, your stylist will apply steps one and two while you are at the shampoo bowl. After around 30 minutes, your stylist will take you back to your station and will brush your hair out using the detangling Wet Brush and begin to section off your hair. Your stylist will use her Rusk blow dryer to dry the product into your hair. Once your hair is completely dry, your stylist will then straighten or curl your hair. You should use a silicon and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to extend the effects of the Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment. The Evo line of shampoo and conditioner that we carry are the perfect choice for prolonging the effects of your Lanza Emergency Keratin Treatment.

As you leave Studio Gabriella, we hope that you will enjoy your frizz free and more manageable hair and recall what a great experience you had at Studio Gabriella. Your newly Coppola Keratin treated hair will make you look and feel flawless. Talk to expert stylists from Baton Rouge Hair Salons today by calling (225)283-3003 !