Hair Salon Baton Rouge, LA

Duration: 1 Hour 35 minutes

Hand Painting Hair Color Ombre Balayage

A new trend is hitting the Baton Rouge area and our stylists are prepared to update your hair with this new look! Hand painting, also known as balayage or ombre, lightens hair just enough and gives a natural and polished look. This special technique is slightly similar to highlights, except no foil is used. Instead, the stylist simply paints the color onto the hair to achieve luscious locks with a natural, sun kissed look without a harsh line of demarcation. Hand painting is great for those who are looking to update their current color or for those wanting to color their hair for the first time, but are unsure about coloring their entire head of hair.

As you walk into Studio Gabriella, you are warmly greeted by our front desk and offered your choice of beverage while you are directed to your stylist’s station. Next, your stylist will talk with you about the exact results you are looking to achieve and discuss what can be done to get you there. After your stylist has her plan of action, she will go to our shampoo room and mix your personalized color formula. When she returns, she will section off your hair in preparation to paint your hair. She will take each section and hand paint your strands with her color brush, wrapping each section in a plastic wrap to keep it separate from the rest of your hair that is to remain uncolored. She will continue with this method until she is finished painting your hair. After she is finished, your hair will process for the right amount of time to achieve the perfect level of color or lift.

Once your hair is processed to the desired color, your stylist will take you back to our shampoo bowls to wash the color from your hair. She will massage and cleanse your hair and scalp with our Evo Shampoo and Conditioner line to replenish your strands. Once she is finished, she will wrap your hair with a lavender-infused, warm towel to further your relaxing, pampering experience. After you are back in the stylists’ chair, you will have the option of adding in a women’s haircut to complete your look or the stylist can continue on to blow dry and styling your hair. Using a Wet Brush and her Rusk blow dryer, she will dry, texturize, add body, and style your freshly painted locks. She will finish up the job using products from our Evo and Wella lines and add finishing touches with her BabylissPro Nano Titanium flat iron or Rusk curling iron. When she is completely done styling your hair, she will lightly spray your hair with our Evo hairspray to ensure that it stays looking glamorous.

When you walk out the door, you will be leaving looking and feeling beautiful and confident! We hope every time you are complimented on your new hairdo and each time you see your reflection, that you will remember what a pleasant, pampering experience you had at Studio Gabriella!